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Sunday, January 15, 2006

She's Got the Look...

Well, we've discovered that our 7 month old girl has a weapon of mass destruction. I hope she doesn't realise she has it, because we are both defenseless against it, and if she is able to master it's use we are destined to a lifetime of slavery and buying ponies and anything else that she wants.
Let me explain: We went shopping for a rug for our living room yesterday, and we were pretty intent on finding the right one. We'd been going back and forth between three different shops, checking each design, and comparing textures and price and all that. Yoyo was happy enough to sit in her stroller playing with her toy, singing away, so we weren't paying that much attention to her. We'd been looking for about an hour, when, in one of the shops, I found a fluffy little sheepskin mini-rug. I jokingly told the wife "Hey, we should get this for Yoyo". We handed it to the baby, who looked at it, petted it and laughed (she laughs at just about everything), and then she looked up at us with the most angelic, joyful, full-of-love look that I've ever seen in my life. My wife and I both spontaneously burst into tears - and my lovely wife NEVER cries at ANYTHING.
As we left the store, lovely wife laughed - "Where the fuck did THAT come from?".
Now I am a shameless sook - I cry at movies, weddings, the opera, football games...but LW is usually a stoic. OK, she has been known to very occasionally cry at certain times of the month for inexplicable reasons (burnt toast, the fact that I just don't listen, etc)....but those moments have been few and far between, and at the risk of sounding insensitive - I think we can safely attribute those tears to some sort of weird hormonal activity.
But she never cries for the sort of reasons most normal people do. We've sat through absolute tear-jerkers ("Of Mice and Men", for example) where everybody in the theatre was clutching their tissues, and she'd sit there munching her popcorn oblivious to what the rest of us were feeling. And then she'd use it as conversation fodder the next time my friends were around for a BBQ.
But our little girl has this look...


At 9:03 PM, Blogger Chocolate makes it better said...

I know that look!!!

Wifey and I did that when "a little ray of sunshine" cam on the radio a couple of days after Kayla Bear was born. That was her song and we both looked at each other and burst out with tears!

At 1:43 AM, Anonymous AdventureDad said...

I know that feeling. Occasionally I can weep by just looking at our son. It can be at the weirdest moment. Like when he laying in his bed getting ready to sleep. It happens rather often.

Of course I would never openly admit this since I'm a man.... :-))

At 6:22 PM, Blogger Calzone said...

Thanks for the link dogpound


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