I Fuckin' Love You Guys....

Sunday, April 30, 2006


My mate CMIB dared me to relate six weird things about me that I haven't blogged about before:

1. I cry watching movies. And at the opera. And, if I'm in the car by myself & I hear song that just hits me...or during commercials for long-distance phone companies...shit like that. I cannot watch 5 minutes of the film "Of Mice & Men" without bawling my eyes out. I am a big sensitive pussy.

2. I used to be quite the little actor, and was in a lot of plays. I have been in about 50 plays; not in a long time, but I was quite serious about it back in the day. I auditioned for a part in the movie "My Bodyguard", which starred a young Matt Dillon, and was filmed in Chicago (my hometown) in '79 or so. I went & met the producers & director & all that - got a letter a few weeks later telling me I had a role in the film (yes!), and it all fell through somehow, and that was pretty much the end of my acting career.

3. I was a wrestler in high school. Maybe to make up for the shit I used to have to take for the drama stuff. I wasn't a good wrestler, but I was a wrestler goddamit...

4. I got kicked out of three high schools. Then dropped out and joined the Army. I was always in the wrong place at the wrong time, doing the wrong sort of thing - and I am not the type to try to weasel out of anything, so I always took the full brunt of every punishment.

I was in a fistfight in H.S. #1 (9th grade) and flattened a kid right as the dean and some policemen were walking out the door. Got arrested & everything. In H.S. #2, bought a joint from another kid across the street from school; a teacher saw the transaction & called me into the principal's office. I admitted it & was expelled. In H.S. #3, they put me in remedial classes because of my violent, drug-crazed history, and I had to sit through classes with kids who couldn't read and had tattoos on their necks, etc. - so I just quit going. And got kicked out again for truancy.

5. I can recite dozens of poems, and Simpsons episodes, by heart. "Jabberwocky", "Oh Captain My Captain", "The Walrus & the Carpenter", "Ozymondias", etc etc etc.

6. I am a karaoke whore. I think I sound just like Sinatra, and I act like I own the stage when I'm on it. Thank god I have an 11-month-old daughter so I don't really get out much anymore :)

Weird enough?

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

4 Day Weekends Rock

We are lucky enough in Australia to get Good Friday and Easter Monday as public Holidays, and this year Anzac Day (http://www.awm.gov.au/commemoration/anzac/) fell on a Tuesday, so by taking just one personal day off work, I've managed to have two glorious 4-day weekends back-to-back.

We got to spend a lot more time with Yoyo - going to the park at least once a day; playing on swings; crawling around in the sandpit; having ice cream; blowing bubbles; having picnics....it's been sunny and warm for the last few weeks, too, so perfect weather has been the backdrop to all of these perfect days.

Yoyo has developed such a great personality. She has always been a happy baby, but now she is so much more interactive....she beams when one of us walks into a room (talk about an ego-boost).....she crawls over to be picked up, and then throws her arms around us to give us a cuddle or a big sloppy kiss....she nuzzles into my chest when we go outside to watch cars in the evening before bed, and when I tuck her in at night she throws her arm around her favorite stuffed animal (currently the Hippo) and goes to sleep with such an air of contentment. When my lovely wife and I pick her up together for a family hug, she loves to push my face into my wife's, and she laughs hilariously when we kiss, and she loves to do that over and over and over - none of us get tired of that game quickly.

For years, I've told the story of this one perfect day: I was walking along the beach in Montego Bay, Jamaica, very pleasantly stoned off my face, as the school day was ending, and all of the children were walking along the footpath in their little uniforms, holding hands & smiling, with the perfect tropical-paradise views and smells and sounds of steel drums and reggae blaring from a hundred cheap AM radios, etc. I felt really content that day, but when I think of it now, it just strikes me as a bit lonely.

How cool is it that just about every day in the last several weeks has been better than the former "best day of my life"?

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Life's too short...

What's up with all the hating in the world? Has it always been this bad, or am I just getting more cranky about it in my old age?
Several of the blogs I visit regularly have apparently been inundated with hate mails, just because the bloggers have had the courage to write about what was on their mind....almost everybody on the roads seem to have serious anger management issues....half of the organisation I work for seems to hate the other half....the Middle East doesn't seem to be fast becoming the haven for peace and democracy that some people thought it was going to be....race riots in Sydney.....Solomon Islanders rioting....Nepal seems on the verge of a melt-down....Donald Rumsfeld still hasn't been driven out of Washington by mobs of angry, torch-wielding villagers....where's the love, people?
Granted, the Mid-East is a big, sticky problem with a lot of history and with different forces and competing interests at work...but how high-strung do you have to be to lose your lunch when someone merges into your lane, no matter how lousy they drive? Why would you take the time to dump shit on someone just because they voiced an opinion you didn't like on their own blog? Why can't people just assume that the person in the next cubicle is probably just trying to do the best they can to the extent of their experience and abilities? Why can't we all just get along???
Please do something about it, folks. Be nice to someone that you really don't care about. Be polite to people who appear to be a bit idiotic. Let somebody trying to get into your lane into the stupid lane already. What does it cost you? I'm convinced that the only way to make the world a better place is to just be a little bit nicer to the people next to you. I know - it sounds sappy and trite and 60's. But please try it anyway.
End of rant.

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

I guess that this must be the place...

Yesterday I had to be in to work very early, had a very busy morning, and was feeling like rat-shit by 2pm, so I told the boss I was taking off (much to his displeasure, but hey - I'd already done my 8.5 hrs, and I work for the government).
The wife was working from home, so I surprised her by getting home so early, and we picked up Yoyo from childcare, and she just had this really great excited, happy look on her face because she hadn't expected to see us so early.
We went to the park across the street, and played on the swing (which she loves - though it scares the hell out of the wife), and we played in the sand-pit, and then went for an ice cream. It was a gorgeous afternoon, and lots of other kids in the park with their parents, and there was just a really great vibe. As we walked home, the late afternoon sun lit up the front of our new (to us) house like it was bathed in a soft golden light....it was just one of those moments. Sen & I put our arms around each other while we pushed the pram and it really felt like magic.
I hope my boss isn't too pissed off...but whatever the cost - it was worth it.

Monday, April 03, 2006

Home is where the heart is - and where the furniture aint...

We are all moved in to our new house....exciting times!
The move went pretty well - we spent several days before the "move day" packing up and getting ready, and we'd hired movers to do all the heavy lifting on the day, so there weren't too many surprises. Although it absolutely pissed down with rain on the day, and the moving guys & I got pretty drenched....and the washing machine doesn't fit in the cupboard it is supposed to go in....but other than that - it's all good.
We are really enjoying the new place....Yoyo just loves it - she was pretty much restricted to the lounge room in the old place, but now she has free run of most of the house, and she scurries around from one room to the next like a mad cockroach...
We couldn't afford a new house and new furniture, so the place looks a bit empty at the moment. I've lectured my lovely wife on my opinion that we should definitely not just buy some cheap stuff that we can afford right now, just to fill up the house - I'd rather sit on cushions and have dinner on the floor until we can afford to get something nice. I think that when you buy that $350 dining room set, just to have something, you have a tendency to not go out and replace it with something nice - it's no longer a priority. So three years down the track, you're eating dinner on a 3-year old dining set that was a piece of crap to begin with...
We did splash out on a really nice outdoor furniture set - a huge kwila table with 8 chairs, and cushions, and a box to store the cushions in and a drinks cart....we plan on entertaining in the backyard a bit...of course, for our first day in the new place we had to sit on the floor in the loungeroom eating our dinner and watching all of our lovely new outdoor furniture get soaked in the rain...oh well - priorities, eh?
Hope you are well!