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Wednesday, April 26, 2006

4 Day Weekends Rock

We are lucky enough in Australia to get Good Friday and Easter Monday as public Holidays, and this year Anzac Day (http://www.awm.gov.au/commemoration/anzac/) fell on a Tuesday, so by taking just one personal day off work, I've managed to have two glorious 4-day weekends back-to-back.

We got to spend a lot more time with Yoyo - going to the park at least once a day; playing on swings; crawling around in the sandpit; having ice cream; blowing bubbles; having picnics....it's been sunny and warm for the last few weeks, too, so perfect weather has been the backdrop to all of these perfect days.

Yoyo has developed such a great personality. She has always been a happy baby, but now she is so much more interactive....she beams when one of us walks into a room (talk about an ego-boost).....she crawls over to be picked up, and then throws her arms around us to give us a cuddle or a big sloppy kiss....she nuzzles into my chest when we go outside to watch cars in the evening before bed, and when I tuck her in at night she throws her arm around her favorite stuffed animal (currently the Hippo) and goes to sleep with such an air of contentment. When my lovely wife and I pick her up together for a family hug, she loves to push my face into my wife's, and she laughs hilariously when we kiss, and she loves to do that over and over and over - none of us get tired of that game quickly.

For years, I've told the story of this one perfect day: I was walking along the beach in Montego Bay, Jamaica, very pleasantly stoned off my face, as the school day was ending, and all of the children were walking along the footpath in their little uniforms, holding hands & smiling, with the perfect tropical-paradise views and smells and sounds of steel drums and reggae blaring from a hundred cheap AM radios, etc. I felt really content that day, but when I think of it now, it just strikes me as a bit lonely.

How cool is it that just about every day in the last several weeks has been better than the former "best day of my life"?


At 6:20 AM, Blogger Angry Dad said...

4 day weekends do Rock, and we've just had 4 weeks of opportunity to do it! I did the whole time off over easter thing.
Kids do that whole, "Best Day" thing for you don't they. Glad you're enjoying it so much!

At 1:17 PM, Anonymous MetroDad said...

You nailed it, my friend. I think the great thing about having kids is that there are so many more "best days of my life" days. Ain't fatherhood grand? Have a great weekend (it's not ANOTHER 4-day one, is it?)


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