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Thursday, May 11, 2006

Yoyo's Ma *

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* Not to be confused with Yoyo Ma.

Part 2 of my contribution to the Mother's Day Bloggect is a shout out to my beautiful wife, Senna.

I have been in absolute awe of the way she's transformed every part of her being into this amazing Mom. In typical fashion, this transformation started well before I understood what was going on.

I've always been very attracted to my lovely wife, and in my mind she never looked more beautiful then the moment she walked up the hill overlooking the ocean on our wedding day. Believe me, folks - she had nothing to change. But about six months after we were married, she started working out like a woman possesed; scrupulously watching her diet, cutting out the few bad habits she had, and basically fine-tuning her already fine body. This went on for about a year. I felt like I had won the lottery.

One fine day, lying in bed, snuggled up with this dream, she purred "I think we should make a baby...". Like most guys, I'd thought about having kids 'someday', but it was all very abstract - something we'd do in the fullness of time, when the finances were just right, when the stars were perfectly aligned & I had the perfect job, etc. It sort of threw me for a loop when I realised that she meant right now. And the penny really dropped when she asked "What do you think I've been preparing for over the last year?". "Ohhhh!", I said, big lightbulb belatedly exploding over my head.

So we started trying to have a baby. And trying. And trying. I know it sounds really fun, but when you're really trying to get pregnant...well, it's not as sensual as I would've hoped:
Sen: "I'll be ovulating Tuesday til Thursday, so don't make any plans".
Kev: "Oh, baby, when you talk to me that way, I just can't resist...".

This went on for months and months and months. It wasn't the absolute focus of our lives, but it became pretty stressful. We went through a lot of home pregnancy tests, and had our hopes up several times, only to have them dashed when her period would come around. It got to the point where I just couldn't take the disappointment in her face every month. We decided that maybe the time wasn't right...that we'd quit trying, let some time go by....focus on our careers and put some money in the bank....maybe go to see a "specialist" in a year or two.

So we totally quit trying. Two weeks later, she invited me out for a cheap dinner at our favorite little pub in the city after work. As we sat down at our table with a drink, she passed me a little envelope with a card in it. This is very typical in our relationship, so I thought nothing of it. I opened the card, and a stick of white paper fell out. With two blue lines on it. As I've mentioned, I can be a little slow on the uptake sometimes, so it took a moment for the significance of those two lines to sink in. Then all the blood in my body seemed to rush to my head, and I cried, and I kissed her, and we laughed & laughed & laughed.

We've pretty well been laughing ever since. The pregnancy seemed to sail by - she wasn't the least bit sick the whole time. We went to all of the Dr's appointments together, and held hands, and made jokes with the doctor, and stayed up late talking about how it was going to be when the baby came, and how the two of us could possibly be parents, and we laughed some more.

When she finally went into labour, she refused to believe it - she couldn't believe it was really happening; she thought she had a bit of indigestion, and that I was being overly dramatic. We were playing scrabble in our kitchen until one in the afternoon...got to the hospital about 3:30...and our beautiful daughter was born about 8pm. By the way - her means "peace" in my mother-in-law's language (my wife is from Papua New Guinea). One of our friends' daughter couldn't pronounce it, and called her Yoyo, and we sometimes call her that now.

My entire recollection of that wonderful day was the way my beautiful wife took everything in stride...the way we held hands during the contractions, and how we laughed and kissed in between them....and mostly how Senna did this amazing thing - she brought this beautiful, perfect, happy smiling crying baby into this world, with such good humour, and grace, and style. I had heard all the stories, and I fully expected her to shriek, and call me names, and probably hurt me...but there was none of that. That day forever changed the way I look at her; I am sort of in awe of her.

She will be a year old in a few weeks, and she has brought more joy to our lives than I ever would have expected. The perfect days seem to roll into each other, and my life is just this busy, blurry, beautiful impressionist painting full of hugs and kisses and playing and lullabies and dirty nappies and laughter and I have honestly never been so happy in my entire life.

Thanks, Sen. Happy Mother's Day.


At 10:51 AM, Blogger Kara said...

What a beautiful story and what a great tribute to the women in your life. Thanks so much!

At 8:42 PM, Blogger Chocolate makes it better said...

That's one fine bit of writing there my friend. Well done.

Man your wife musta loved you to bits after reading that one.

At 4:49 AM, Blogger Mrs Big Dubya said...

sniff, oh crap.... I'm crying again.

Well done


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