I Fuckin' Love You Guys....

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Just Checkin' Back In...

We just returned from a 5-day trip to Melbourne. It was really nice – we love Melbourne. It was cold and rainy, as you’d normally expect this time of year, but there is something romantic about getting dressed all warm and getting on the tram and exploring the city. Melbourne is a lot bigger than Brisbane, and it’s really very fashionable – in Brisbane we generally throw on a pair of shorts and sandals and hit the streets; Melbournians tend to put a little more effort into it.

We were staying with some really good friends, and we had a great time catching up, reminiscing about the wild times back in the day, and watching our baby daughters play together. It’s amazing to think how much we’ve changed in the last 5 or 6 years – if you had told me & Mark way back then that we’d be spending Friday, June 23 2006 pushing prams down the street while our wives went shopping, we wouldn’t have believed you. Actually, we probably wouldn’t have been able to understand you. But here we are, and it’s all good.

We got back to Queensland pretty late on Monday night, and we were too tired to stay up to watch the World Cup. In a way, I’m glad I didn’t have to watch Australia lose in the last minute of the game the way they did – it would have kept me up the rest of the night. Oh, well – we are all pretty proud of our Socceroos anyway…

Monday, June 19, 2006

Just wondering...

I have met a lot of really great people since starting this blog - most of them either new parents, or at least parents with small children. It's been a great way to meet new friends, get parenting advice, and, most importantly, to realise that there a lot of great people out there going through the same joys and difficulties as I am as a new father.

Most of the blogs I read on a daily basis detail the trials and tribulations of raising babies - about how scary it is when they just can't stop crying, or how frustrating it is when they just will not go to sleep, or how exciting it is when they say their first words, or start to walk, or crawl, or do just about anything for the first time. I love reading about that stuff.

I was just wondering, though, if these friendships I have been making will be lasting relationships, or if we'll just drift apart after the novelty of being a new parent wears off. I hope that years from now, I'll still be reading all of your blogs, and that you'll still be reading mine. But I wonder what we'll be blogging about in 5, or ten, or fifteen years? Will we be posting about our kids' first dates, or their first brushes with the law, or gloating about their successes, or just daydreaming about how we'll be remodelling the house when they finally move out?

It should be interesting...

Friday, June 16, 2006

Father's Day is a State of Mind

Posted by Picasa Father's Day in Australia isn't until the 3rd of September this year (in Australia, September = Springtime, for all of you northern hemisperions), but I just want to be involved in all of Kara's bloggects...I'm afraid if I stop putting my hand up, I'll stop being invited.

Like any slow kid with a homework assignment, I've had to think long and hard about how I wanted to address the topic of Fatherhood. My own Dad was sort of an asshole, and I haven't had a lot of really positive male role models in my life. So I thought to myself "who do I know who's a good Dad?". And the answer surprised even me: Me!

OK, granted - it's early days; Yoyo has only been with us for just over a year, and I'm still learning the ropes. I realise I still have plenty of time to stuff it up & ruin her life, or at least give her something to complain to a therapist about someday. But so far/ so good. It has been such an amazing time for both of us, and I just love it. Being a Dad is slowly changing me, sometimes subtly, sometimes dramatically. I am definitely becoming a different (and hopefully better) person through my relationship with my daughter.

From the time she gets us up demanding food at 5am until I put her to bed at 7:30 at night (and she goes to bed so sweetly after I hold her in my arms for a few minutes), I can hardly think of anything else. I got up and walked out of a meeting the other day, because it was 5pm, and time to go and pick up my baby and her Mum, and nobody at work questioned it (and I wouldn't have cared if they did). This weekend, we'll go to the park across the street, and I will play in the sandpit, and wrestle with her on the grass, and blow bubbles, and read her the same book a dozen times, and make a big mess feeding her, and then clean it up, and change nappies, and give her a bath, and like every weekend for the last year - it will be the best weekend of my whole life.

I was a bit scared and nervous about what kind of father I'd be - especially because my own wasn't particularly great, and I had nothing to measure it against. But now that I've turned into a Happy Idiot, with a really simple set of priorities, I know that I needn't have worried. I'm a good Dad. It is so great to say that.

Monday, June 12, 2006

Stumbling, falling down, and other adventures

Grandma & Granpa were in town for the Queen's Birthday long-weekend (good on ya, Liz!), and were able to witness Yoyo's first attempts at walking. Needless to say, they were very proud to have been present at this auspicious event, and we were pretty happy about the timing ourselves.

Yoyo has been standing up by herself for a few weeks now, and she's been very excited about it, but this weekend was the first time she's actually taken that first step. And every time she does it, she gets a huge smile on her face, claps her hands, and yells "Yay!!". It's very cute. Her current record is four steps before falling down, but she gets back up immediately to try again. I'm pretty proud of her myself.

Having the in-laws in town for the weekend gave me and the lovely wife a perfect (rare) opportunity to get out of the house together and meet some good friends for a lovely dinner at a local Thai restaraunt, and then over to another friend's house to watch the rugby and have several drinks. I have become a bit of a lightweight over the last year, unfortunately, and I was a bit tipsy - but hopefully didn't embarrass myself too terribly (I am pretty sure I didn't break anything, and my friends are still speaking with me, so I think I may have gotten away with it).

All things considered, it was a pretty good weekend.

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

My Inner Nerd gets a Metaphorical Wedgie

I've been taking an astronomy class at the local observatory for the past several weeks. I know, nerd stuff...but it has been pretty fun, and there are worse things I could be doing with my time.
I enjoy being able to look up in the sky at night and know the names of some of the stars, and to be able to pick out the planets, and to have a greater appreciation for how enormous the universe is, and how seemingly insignificant our little planet is in the vastness of the cosmos (plus, I love talking like Carl Sagan...).

The last class was Saturday. We were finally going to get to look through the huge telescopes - the culmination of the whole class. It was a fine, clear day, and I was sure it was going to be great viewing. And so, of course, at about 1:30 in the afternoon, work calls: big disaster - get in. I worked well into the night, and missed the class. Damn.