I Fuckin' Love You Guys....

Monday, July 31, 2006

My love - she take the train...

Life has been soo busy....fun, but busy....I keep meaning to blog, but, well, you know...

Work has become very full-on over the past month; I've taken on a different role, and as it's the first time the organisation has had this sort of role - I have had to define what I am supposed to be delivering for them. I like the challenge of breaking new ground, but it does consume a lot of time and energy. But I am mostly pretty happy with the way it's going.

We have been taking Yoyo to child-care on the train for the last week - the confined space and captive audience really suit her personality. She flirts shamelessly with everybody, grabs hold of anything within reach, and keeps up a running commentary until we reach our stop. It's really great watching the faces of people around us as she catches their eye and flashes her flirtiest smile. I find myself making judgements about people based on their reactions to her: if they smile and flirt back with her, they are nice people; if they utterly ignore her, they are heartless, unhappy jerks. I know I shouldn't judge others, but I also know that I am right.

Yesterday, a policeman got on the train and stood next to me. As the doors closed and the train started rolling, Yoyo stared at him for a moment or two, then slapped his leather jacket and shouted "Hi!!". The cop, who had been looking very serious and cop-like, broke into a huge grin and patted her head...it's funny because I haven't always been the kind of guy to share a warm friendly moment with an on-duty police officer....

And the other day, I bumped into a guy I used to work with; a very dapper and proper Indian gentleman....we chatted as the train chugged along, about work, and business opportunities around town, and so on, when Yoyo decided she wanted to kiss him. She thrust both hands out towards him, and started making her "mmmm" sound (to show she wanted a kiss). She'd just finished eating a cookie, and was a bit of a mess....my old mate just sort of politely backed away. I like riding the train with her - it's endlessly amusing....

I'll try to blog more - I hope everyone is well, and that things are going your way!

Monday, July 17, 2006

Could I finally be growing up?

I got to spend the weekend on my own in Sydney. Most of the old friends I used to have from back in the day still live there, while we've moved a thousand kilometers away. None of my old gang have kids, and it's nice to get down there a couple of times a year and pretend I have no responsibilities and can stay up past 10pm. It's usually a blur of hanging out with the boys, catching up with a lot of old friends, drinking at mid-day, smoking cigars, gambling - you know, that sort of thing.

I met up with the guys on Friday at lunch time, and we got stuck into the beers straight away. We headed to The Rocks, and drank, talked shit, and bet on horses all afternoon. It was one of those days that go by in a happy fog of alcohol & laughter....

Saturday was just as much fun: we cooked a great meal about mid-afternoon, and met "the gang" at a pub, and talked and laughed, and went to another pub and met up with even more friends, and ended up at a very cool club until the wee hours.

About a dozen of us were walking back to my mates' house at about 4am, through the tourist area of Darling Harbour (right in the heart of the city), when we came across an area marked off by police tape. A big square was taped off, creating a sad little scene: pools of blood on the rain-wet bricks of the Piermont Bridge, and a collection of bloody towels where someone had obviously fallen and received some help. Whoever was hurt had been whisked away already, and there were just a few police officers and a photographer left at the scene. Our little band of merry partiers sobered up pretty quickly and continued quietly on our way.

I couldn't wait to get back home to my own warm bed, my lovely wife, our beautiful little girl, and my 10pm bedtimes.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

...and then I go and spoil it all, by saying something stupid like...

I am a firm believer in telling people that I love them (hence the name of my blog). I think this comes from a long history of tragedy in my life - like suddenly losing family members and friends - and also from a lot of times when I would have really benefitted from someone letting me know that they loved me; that I was important to them. In order to "be the change I want to see in the world", I think that by letting other people know that I appreciate them, care for them, and yes, love them, I am in my own little way adding some value to the world.

This freaks a lot of people out. I have a running joke with a really dear friend; the first time I told her that I loved her (in an e-mail, when she was feeling down), she sent a note back saying "um...you mean, as a friend, right?". I tease her about that now - I mean, if someone tells you that they love you, why is our tendency to immediately question their motives? To think them weird?

It's not as though there is way too much love in our lives, and we really couldn't possibly deal with one more person admiring, respecting, and caring for us. What a bother!

My good friends are used to hearing that from me now, and they know I mean it. I'm not religious, or a hippy, or a weirdo (at least, I don't think I am). If anything, I'm probably afraid because we aren't here for a long time, and I would hate to think I haven't contributed much to the world in my brief time here. I don't think I'm ever going to compose a symphony, or start painting masterpieces, or architect skyscrapers or build monuments. But I am generally full of love for other people, so I feel compelled to share that.

I don't walk down the street just telling people I love them. I don't walk around hugging strangers, or accosting people on the bus, or blurting out my undying affection for the folks I work with at staff meetings, for example. But if we get to be mates, and spend some time getting to know each other, and you become important to me somehow - chances are I'm going to tell you how I feel.

I think the love I give to other people generally comes back to me threefold, so I'm unlikely to stop this behavior - it's working for me.

Is that crazy? Probably, huh? Oh well - it's just who I am, and how I feel. I genuinely love people*. There - I've said it and I'm proud.

* - as a friend :)

Sunday, July 09, 2006

You GO, Girl!

We have entered a new era at the IFLYG household: Yoyo is seriously walking!

It was very exciting to watch over the last couple of weeks - she had been standing up (and clapping for herself, and shouting "Yay!!") for a little while now, and we had been practising walking while she held our hands...and then she graduated to taking two or three steps at a time, before falling down (and shouting "Aww...!").

But she was content to leave it at that for the past few weeks. Then, over this weekend, she suddenly progressed to walking across the room (at our request) back & forth between Mummy & Daddy's open arms; and then to just getting up and wandering around the house on her own. She is very, very proud of herself; and of course we are extremely proud of her.

Now I've heard all the horror stories about this exciting new phase in her life, but we are just so excited for her that the terror hasn't quite sunk in yet. She is just too cute.