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Sunday, July 09, 2006

You GO, Girl!

We have entered a new era at the IFLYG household: Yoyo is seriously walking!

It was very exciting to watch over the last couple of weeks - she had been standing up (and clapping for herself, and shouting "Yay!!") for a little while now, and we had been practising walking while she held our hands...and then she graduated to taking two or three steps at a time, before falling down (and shouting "Aww...!").

But she was content to leave it at that for the past few weeks. Then, over this weekend, she suddenly progressed to walking across the room (at our request) back & forth between Mummy & Daddy's open arms; and then to just getting up and wandering around the house on her own. She is very, very proud of herself; and of course we are extremely proud of her.

Now I've heard all the horror stories about this exciting new phase in her life, but we are just so excited for her that the terror hasn't quite sunk in yet. She is just too cute.


At 4:47 AM, Blogger Angry Dad said...

Congratulations. Our boy is probably only a month behind you. He's started crawling, so soon I'll be enjoying these same delights and potential horrors! LOL


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