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Monday, August 28, 2006

Yoyo is back to her old self (mostly) after enduring some hellacious pain over the past two weeks as some new teeth come in. They haven't quite popped through yet, so there may be some more unpleasantness before we're through, but she's no longer in constant pain...which is nice.

Actually, she's even better than her old self, suddenly (it's amazing how kids make these quantum leaps when they are 15 or 16 months old). She's become quite the comedian. Or at least, a "dada absurdist". Granted, her routines are of the 16-month-old variety, and she's not likely to win the open mic night at the local comedy club just yet - but her timing is impeccable, and she has been cracking us (and herself) up pretty consistently in the past few days.

Most of her best routines revolve around her shoes - taking them off and trying to put them on mummy's feet, or putting them on Henry (her hippopatamus), or just putting them in unusual locations. And when Daddy takes off his stinky socks, it's like a prop-comic's dream: Yoyo runs around the house with them (to Mummy's absolute disgust & horror), and threatens all of her stuffed animals with stinky suffocation. She's also guaranteed to be reduced to fits of uncontrollable giggling if we happen to drop the word "poopy" into a sentence...

All of this is of course accompanied by constant, infectious laughter (hers and ours), and random bursts of high-pitched screams of delight (mostly hers).

So while her humour might be considered low-brow, and may not be everyone's cup of tea, to me her comedy conveys a sense of release, and an excess of energy which affords a sensation of liberation from layers of inhibition that social convention and taboos place against total bodily abandon; a liberation not only of the body, but one of the mind, and senses.... (ok, I stole that last bit from a review of Rae Beth Gordon's Why the French Love Jerry Lewis).

Anyway, the house is full of joy again. I hope your is too.


At 4:45 AM, Blogger Kara said...

I'm a sucker for kid humor! Glad the yoyo is lioving (mostly) pain-free again.


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