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Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Random Thoughts

I was strangely saddened by Steve Irwin's sudden death. I didn't know the guy, but we live just down the road from the Australian Zoo, and we had been planning to drive up to visit, and perhaps meet him (he seemed like the sort of guy that you could just say hi to), as soon as Yoyo got old enough to appreciate it. We'd also discussed how we thought his son Bob might even one day be a suitable partner for her (being dangled in front of a croc at 1 month old and not crying? Potential son-in-law material...). In all seriousness, though, I thought he seemed like a genuinely good bloke: friendly, fearless, dedicated, and a bit crazy. The world is just a little bit further diminished without the Crocodile Hunter in it.

We took Yoyo to RiverFire! on Saturday evening. This is the kick off to the annual River Festival here in Brisbane, and it is basically a huge fireworks display topped off by twin F-111's dumping & burning right through the heart of downtown. It is really exciting, but our 15-month-old daughter wasn't overly impressed. She thought the first few skyrockets were pretty cool, but as soon as the really loud ones started booming, she clung to my neck like a little koala and refused to look up at the sky. She even fell asleep after a while (those jets woke her right up, though!)...

I took the girls home right afterwards, and they went straight to bed. I kicked on with some crazy guys from New Zealand, and didn't get home til the wee hours, and spent Fathers' Day with a wicked hangover...we still had a brilliant day, though; the weather is starting to get really nice, but not too hot yet, and it's perfect for recovery bbq's in the backyard with friends and lots of kids around (which is exactly what we did).


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