I Fuckin' Love You Guys....

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Ennui? Oui!

Lately, it seems like the state of the world has gotten me down a bit, and I haven't been able to come up with anything clever to blog about.

The wars in Iraq & Afghanistan, the increasingly strident tone and nuclear ambitions of Iran & North Korea, the worst drought in living memory here in Australia, global warming, the general cluelessness of the big Western governments - it seems like everything is going to hell in a handbasket.

And work is just so busy that I think it will be impossible for me to ever really get my head around everything going on, so I just do the best I can and hope that I am prioritising well enough that it won't get too ugly....

And last week my brother would have turned 40, and next week is the first anniversary of his suicide.

So I've been a bit mopey, and introspective - and I am acutely aware that it was my New Years' resolution to quit doing that. I'm like a vinyl record with a scratch on it - the needle always gets stuck in that one groove.

Yoyo is developing at an astonishing pace - she is just this awesome little girl now: she talks with us, and plays games with us, and plays her little jokes, and sings to herself, and has definite opinions on what she wants to wear, and interacts with us on a new level just about every week. It's easy to forget about the world and all it's problems when there's this cherub-faced little being tugging on my pants leg with sticky hands demanding juice and a biscuit.

But after she goes to bed, and the dishes are put away, and the house gets quiet, I watch the news or surf the web, and my thoughts start weighing me down again. War. Pestilence. Ignorance. Greed. Hatred. Fear. Loss. I go to sleep, and the morning is a well-choreographed blur of showers and breakfasts and getting dressed and packing lunches and hitting the road. Work starts early, and the mornings are usually too busy for any deep thinking, but by noon I just want to be out of there. By the time I leave in the afternoon I feel like a frazzled wreck, and my heart aches with my desire to be with my little girl.

Luckily, the office is only about 5 minutes away from child-care. On those occassional days when traffic is busy, my tolerance for other drivers is at a very low ebb. You people are dim-witted obstacles keeping me from my daughter! When I get there, I bound up the stairs two at a time, and she always, always sees me before I see her. "DADDY!" She runs across the room to meet me at the child-proof gates, and demands to be picked up, and we give each other fierce hugs, and I gotta tell you, internet, those little hands around my neck are saving my sanity.

I usually bring work home, but I never do any of it. Instead we go and play on the swings, and we dig in the sandpit, and we go down the plastic slide together (because she's afraid to go by herself, but she likes it when Daddy goes with her), and we pat dogs, and go for ice cream, and on the way home she picks up rocks or pieces of trash along the way and hands them to me very proudly. I make dinner while she runs around the house. She eats first, and then it's bathtime with Mommy, and then we all play around for a little while until Yoyo starts getting tired. Then it's a walk around the block in the pram, and off to bed, and the house gets quiet again.

Writing this, I wonder if the world is really getting me down, or if it's just that nothing in the world can compare to those crazy few hours I get to spend with my 18-month-old little friend each day.

Monday, October 09, 2006

Another Bride, Another Groom....

I've been a little nervous, because one of my best mates is getting married in a few weeks, and he's asked me to emcee his reception.

I'm not particularly afraid of getting up in front of a crowd (I am a recovering karaoke junkie), and I think I am a capable public speaker - but I haven't written a lot for the wedding yet, and I've been debating what approach to take...should I take a minimilist tone, and just welcome people, introduce the bride & groom and their parents, introduce the people who wish to make a little speech, and get out of there?

Do I write up a couple of jokes, and maybe a comedy routine, and try to keep the crowd entertained between courses? Shall I make a deeply meaningful speech, professing my abiding love and respect for the happy couple? Do I pull out all the stops and turn on my Mr Vegas persona - belt out a couple of tunes and keep up a stream of witty banter, inside jokes, and sly innuendo a la Dean Martin circa 1965?

My friends want me to make sure that there are no unexpected drunken speeches or embarassing photo presentations, and I know they are counting on me to keep it rolling along, and reasonably sophisticated and professional. I have enough confidence in myself that I can pull it off, and above all I realise that this is their wedding, and that it's all about them - but at the same time I'd like to make sure that it's pleasantly memorable and entertaining.

Suggestions most welcome :)

Sunday, October 08, 2006

What are words for?

The best little girl in the history of little girls is becoming much more communicative now that she has a few back teeth. She picks up new words and new ideas everyday, and it's astonishing (and a little scary) to see what she learns from us.

Words that Yoyo can say include:

(note: "shoes" "cheese" and "juice" all sound the same - context is important here)
Water (sort of)
Bye Bye
Timmy (her doll)
Her name (although it comes out "Roro")

It is probably only a matter of days before she'll be telling us "Oh, mummy & daddy - I had an amazing day at daycare today! The staff were leading us through yet another banal rendition of "Isty Bitsy Spider", when my colleague, Angus, vomited all over himself. I was quite aghast, and politely averted my attention, but the other children were most vocal in their disapproval of his predicament, and it really caused quite a stir....".