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Monday, February 12, 2007

My life, she is a beach...

We just got back from a week in beautiful Byron Bay, NSW. I was hoping for a nice relaxing getaway with a few friends and the fam, but I ended up on the phone with work half a dozen times each day, and even ended up driving back home one night (2 hours each way) to make some updates to a stupid business case I've been working on. Sigh.
Luckily the cutest little girl in the history of little girls sort of made everything better. She's just started to really appreciate going to the beach, collecting shells, making sandcastles (or more accurately, letting Daddy make sandcastles and then sitting on them)....
Her vocabulary has totally exploded, too, which made the trip that much more interesting. She can recite her ABC's, and count to ten, and she made it her personal mission to say "Hello!" to every person in town (including topless chicks sunbathing...thanks, honey!!).
The work thing aside, it was a really nice time. I got caught up on my reading (The Life of Pi, for my bookclub), spent some quality drinking time with some of my best friends, paid a visit to the bazillion-dollar racehorse farm owned by one of my ex-bosses, had several deep & meaningful (not-related-to-daycare-or-budget) conversations with my lovely wife, and of course, spend hours and hours doing silly things with Yoyo. Or as she likes to call herself these days, "Cheeky Monkey".
I got back to work today, and loudly complained about how irritating it was to be constantly bothered by work crap while I was on holiday (as if anyone will listen). Next time I'm leaving the phone at home.
Hope you are well!


At 2:55 PM, Blogger Chocolate makes it better said...

Byron is fantastic isn't it. I have the same issue with my holidays. I have clients call me and I tell them i'm on hols and they just keep talking!!!

I turn my phone off now.

At 6:01 PM, Blogger Steph said...

If you're on holidays you should divert all business calls straight to voicemail. If it's important you can check back later.

At 7:56 AM, Blogger cape buffalo said...

mmm.. the beach. In this blizzard we're experiencing at the moment is seems so very far away.


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