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Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Think Ink!

In response to some blog conversations started by my good pals Big Dubya & Chocolate Makes it Better, today's post is a celebration of ink.

Mr BigDubya is collating examples of tatts from some fellow bloggers, and I've contributed pics to the effort, but I thought I'd write a bit of an explanation here.

Even though I started late (I got my first tat when I was 34 or 35), I love tattoos. I intend on getting more - even though this has been the source of some debate between my lovely wife & I.

Here are most of my five tattoos:

On my left shoulder blade: the Hindu symbol for "Om", the representation of Brahman; life, the universe, everything. I got this tat on the day of my Buck's party. My wife has one on her shoulder, and I wanted to get one to match hers, and to sort of say that to me, she is everything.

On my left shoulder: the Kanji symbol for Happiness (koufuku). I got this shortly after I learned that we were going to have a baby; I needed to immortalise the happiness I was feeling at the time; it will always symbolise the joy that my daughter has brought to my life.

Below that: a shamrock. I got this a few weeks after my younger brother killed himself. We come from an Irish family - both of our parents were from the old country, and we lived in an Irish neighborhood in Chicago, and our heritage was always very important in our family. Years ago, Mick & I decided one night that we were going to get shamrock tattoos, so we found this place not too far from where we were drinking, but they wouldn't let us get inked, as it was about 4:00 in the morning and we were completely hammered. So after he died, I got the tat that I would've gotten with him.

On my left calf: the Southern Cross (Crux Australis), probably the most important constellation in the southern hemisphere (it points to the south pole, serving the same role to navigators as Polaris does in the north). It is also a symbol for Australia (it features on the Australian flag). I got this tattoo on the same day as 8 of my mates. One of my best friends was going on an extended trip overseas, and she wanted to get the Cross tattoo before she left - I suppose to make sure no one confused her for a Pom. When she told us of her plan, everyone said "me too!", and we descended on the tattoo parlor en masse. To me, this will always symbolise mateship - one of the most important characteristics of Australian culture - and my love of my adoptive country.

I've got another on my right shoulder (it's clearly visible on my fishing post), the Chinese symbol for "Fu", or good luck, as a memento of the years I lived in Hong Kong, and because I've got a very lucky life. And like I said - I intend on getting more....they're like eating potato chips - you can't just stop at one or two!


At 6:13 PM, Blogger Steph said...

I have three. One on my lower back that's been seen on my blog before. I do believe they call these tatts a "tramp stamp" nowadays! Great! It's a yin/yang symbol.

The other two are in very private places and I wish i never got them.

Young, dumb and you know the rest ;)

Yours are nice though.

At 7:54 PM, Blogger Chocolate said...

loving that southern cross action mate.

Nice ink btw

At 8:43 AM, Blogger Whit said...

I think we pretty much hogged Dubya's collection.


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