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Monday, April 16, 2007

Set Phasers to Maximum Cuteness

Monday, April 09, 2007

Thanks for the long weekend, Jebus!

Although Australia isn't a particularly religious country, Easter weekend is taken very seriously. Both Good Friday and the following Monday are public holidays, so the whole country gets a four-day weekend. And since we aren't a particularly religious people - these four days are traditionally spent camping, going to the beach, having bbq's in the back yard, having a beverage or two, and generally relaxing and having a good time.

Our weekend was fantastic. I haven't really blogged about how cool it is being a parent lately - mostly because I don't have the writing skills to describe what is happening between my daughter and I. Many other "daddy bloggers" have written very eloquently about the experience of becoming a father, and the development of their children, and I've been reading other blogs long enough to know that I don't really have anything new or insightful or witty to add to the wealth of great writing already out there. But I can't really discuss my weekend without at least trying to explain...

At 22 months old, Yoyo is definitely her own person. I should start calling her "RoRo", as that is how she refers to herself. She refers to me as "Kev", and to my wife as "Senna", as well as "Mummy and Daddy". She's known her alphabet and been able to count to ten for a couple of months now. She speaks in complete sentences, and remembers just about everything. She loves to cuddle and kiss, and knows when to use these simple acts with devastating effect. She says "hello!" to everyone she meets, is developing a mighty 'fro of loose curls, and she is drop-dead gorgeous. I know everyone thinks that about their own kid, but mine really is.

So for the last four days, I've been able to spend about 14 hours a day with this fascinating little person - from the moment she climbed into bed ("Wake up, Daddy!") at 5:30 in the morning, to the moment she finished brushing her teeth and gave me a very solemn kiss on the lips at bedtime. The time in between was taken up with reading books (she has started reading them to us - which is much, much more hilarious than it sounds), playing at the park, watching movies (and being awe-struck by her running commentary; i.e. - watching the Lion King: "Simba is sad." Me: "Why is Simba sad, darling?" "His daddy is sleeping...".), and, most importantly - just hanging around in sort of a slow-motion, low impact wrestling/ tickling match that goes on intermittently all day long.

I know this is nothing earth-shattering or original, and as I've said, I don't have the skills to describe what an unbelievable impact it makes on me. But it feels soooo good for the soul - like I've spent 4 days at a retreat or something. It was hard to drop her off at day-care this morning, and it's hard not to think of her while I am pretending to work today. I'm basically just marking time until I can go and pick her up in 6 more hours, and ask her about her day, and make her dinner, and do roly-polies (somersaults) together, and put on jammies, and read some books, and maybe she'll say "I love you Daddy" again when she kisses me goodnight....